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Blue, purple, and yellow socks with chimps, birds, lizards, and other wildlife
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    Everything is interconnected in the vast web of life! Walk the talk of a changemaker to protect wildlife with these exclusive endangered species socks. When you purchase this item, you'll be directly supporting the Jane Goodall Institute in our efforts to protect chimpanzees, other great apes and their habitats, improve animal welfare, support community-led conservation, as well as to grow the next generation of compassionate young people through JGI's youth program Roots & Shoots.Through more...

    Jane Goodall: The Hope
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      Jane Goodall: The Hope is a two-hour special following Goodall throughout her never-ending travels, capturing her relentless commitment and determination to spread a message of hope. The film offers an intimate perspective of Goodall’s pivotal transformation from scientist to inspirational activist and leader and how she is galvanizing a future generation to create lasting change.

      Girls Just Wanna Do Science Mug
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        Dr. Jane Goodall's impact and influence for scientists, particularly women in science, is unparalleled. At JGI we believe in the power of research, curiosity, equity, community, and compassionate citizenship for all people, and especially in support of the brave women and girls using knowledge to build a brighter future for humans, other animals and the environment. To safe-guard science, create inclusive learning and professional environments, and encourage policy makers to take science...

        Make A Difference Quote Campfire Mug
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          “Every single day, each of us makes some impact on the planet—and we can choose what sort of impact we make. It is the cumulative effect of millions—or billions—of ethical choices regarding what we buy that will move us toward a better world.” - Dr. Jane Goodall This beautiful campfire mug featuring a bouquet of Tanzanian botanicals and special Jane quote will remind you to nourish your passion for action and is a wonderful way to spread Jane’s message far and wide. What kind of difference...

          Jane Goodall Glass Set
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            Be Bold Be Kind Do Good Water Bottle
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              Become a Gombe Science Hero for the Veterinary Team
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                The Veterinary Team in Gombe are experts in their field, and conduct non-invasive monitoring and epidemiological studies to prevent disease and keep the precious chimpanzees of Gombe healthy and thriving. Their work has even bigger implications, with their findings providing insights which improve care for and protection of great apes across the globe, in the wild and in captivity. The Vet Team at Gombe has their finger on the pulse of some of the most important and innovative wildlife health...

                Become a Gombe Science Hero for the F & G Family Groups
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                  The chimpanzees of Gombe are beloved household names. Thanks to Jane’s immersive style of research, audiences around the world are able to feel connected to these dynamic individuals and families. This approach of studying family dynamics and families over time birthed generations of data on their daily lives and comprehensive findings on their relationships and behaviors like no other existing study. Flo and Gremlin’s offspring are still studied to this day, revealing invaluable insights...

                  Become a Gombe Science Hero for Field Assistants
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                    Every day, the Jane Goodall Institute Field Assistants (stemming from those who worked directly with Dr. Goodall) go into the forests of Gombe to observe the unique existence of wild chimpanzees. These local Tanzanian scientists are the backbone of discovery in Gombe, maintaining continuous descriptions and data records of chimpanzee behavior, ecology, habits, health, relationships, culture and reproduction. This is difficult work, demanding very early mornings and late nights in dense forest...

                    Two scientists and a large male chimpanzee in the forest
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                      Scientists at Gombe have carried the torch of Dr. Jane Goodall’s original study of the “F” and “G” families along with other groundbreaking research for nearly 60 continuous years. Researchers continue to document daily behavior and other data as a part of what is called the ‘B-Record’ observational archive, and the information gathered has been and continues to be pivotal for great ape behavioral insights, anthropological and human health knowledge and advancements. This extraordinary data...

                      Jane Goodall Girls Just Wanna Do Science Wood Hanging Ornament
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                        A white aluminun sign with green lettering  sign reads Seeds of Hope Garden: Planted in Honor of Dr. Jane Goodall. It is leaning against a hydrangea in a garden.
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