Women's Redefine Kind T-Shirts

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Through her groundbreaking discoveries, Dr. Jane Goodall redefined what it means to be human as part of, rather than outside of, the rest of the animal kingdom. Her trailblazing research studying wild chimpanzees, our closest living genetic relatives, allowed us to more deeply understand all that we share in common with these complex and dynamic beings, and grow a greater respect for the interconnectedness of all living things.

Today, Dr. Goodall and the Jane Goodall Institute are taking this redefinition further by working tirelessly to learn more about, and save our great ape cousins and other wildlife from extinction, while also being advocates for the well-being of all animals.

When you purchase this organic cotton t-shirt, you'll be directly supporting the Jane Goodall Institute in our efforts to protect chimps and their habitats, demand ethical treatment for all animals, as well as to grow the next generation of compassionate young people through JGI's youth program Roots & Shoots.

Join Jane and JGI in redefining what it means to be kind toward human and animal kind alike with this exclusive line. How do you redefine kind?

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