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Jane Goodall Institute

Girls Just Wanna Do Science Classic Fit T-shirt

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    Support bold women and girls who blaze the trail in science & change the world with this exclusive organic cotton 'Girls Just Wanna Do Science' t-shirt!

    Dr. Jane Goodall's impact on the scientific world and humankind is beyond compare, and her influence and inspiration for scientists, particularly women in science, is unparalleled. Science is where we started and it is still where we're going.

    At JGI we believe in the power of research, curiosity, equity, community, and compassionate citizenship for all people, and especially in support of the brave women and girls using knowledge to build a brighter future for humans, other animals and the environment. We're inspired by the brilliance of women from all over the globe shaping our understanding of the natural world, creating new medicines, and advancing technology for the benefit of all living things.

    To safe-guard science, create inclusive learning and professional environments, and encourage policy makers to take science seriously, wear this shirt, stand up for STEAM women and girls and be heard!

    When you purchase this organic cotton t-shirt, you'll be directly supporting the Jane Goodall Institute in our efforts to continue our groundbreaking science as well as to grow the next generation of compassionate, curious young people through JGI's youth program Roots & Shoots.