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Jane Goodall Institute

Jane Goodall Institute Varsity Logo Apron

Price: $22.99


    Sometimes the most fun activities are also the messiest!

    Whether cooking #EATMEATLESS plant-based family meals in the kitchen, or spending some alone time among the veggies in your garden, make sure you are fashionably protected with this JGI logo apron!

    P.S. Check out our Seeds of Hope Garden program. We are offering the opportunity to "dedicate" your garden to Jane, with the hope that your garden will grow food for humans and/or the all-important pollinator species that we all depend on.

    When you purchase this item, you'll be directly supporting the Jane Goodall Institute in our efforts to protect chimpanzees, other great apes, and their habitats, improve animal welfare, support community-led conservation, advance science, as well as to grow the next generation of compassionate young people through JGI's youth program Roots & Shoots.