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Jane Goodall Institute

Become a Chimpanzee Guardian for Patricia

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    Discover the world through Patricia's eyes — a world of curiosity, learning, and gentle friendships. Patricia's quiet courage and gradual emergence as a social being within Tchimpounga highlight the sanctuary's success in providing a compassionate rehabilitation environment. Adopting Patricia supports these critical efforts and her continued journey of discovery.

    Standard Package Includes:

    • A personalized bio-card detailing Patricia's rescue to recovery and her incredible role as a mother within the sanctuary.
    • A personalized adoption certificate, a testament to your valuable contribution to Patricia's ongoing care and the sanctuary's conservation efforts.
    • A welcome email with a special profile video about Patricia and quarterly email updates about her and her friends.

    Premium Package Includes:

    • All the benefits of the Standard Package.
    • A plush toy chimpanzee, representing Patricia, made from sustainable materials to remind you of the special bond you share with her and the sanctuary.

    *If you are gifting an adoption, the recipient will receive a special card acknowledging that you sponsored their adoption.

    Adopting Patricia brings you closer to the unique story of your adopted chimpanzee and plays a crucial role in ensuring the Jane Goodall Institute continues its vital work in the Republic of the Congo.

    • Emailed Certificate are sent the next business day.
    • Paper Certificates are sent via USPS First Class Mail and are not trackable. Please allow 15 business days for delivery. They are mailed separately from all other items.
    • We are only able to ship to a single address per order. If you need to send adoptions to multiple addresses, please submit separate orders. Your billing information can be saved by creating an account with us during checkout or by going to our Registration Page.

    If you are located outside the United States and would like to become a Chimp Guardian, please sign up through the program closest to you. 

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