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Jane Goodall Institute

Do Good For All Recycled Zippered Pouch

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    What's in a name? Everything that's Good(for)all! At JGI we believe, as Jane does, that daily decisions make a difference, and you get to choose what kind of difference you want to make. That's why we've created an exclusive "Good For All" line of products to help you become the ultimate sustainability superhero. This exclusive recycled zipper pouch complete with "Good For All" design is your eco-utility belt, helping you soar into a less wasteful, brighter future for all.

    When you purchase this item, you'll be directly supporting the Jane Goodall Institute in our efforts to protect chimpanzees, other species and their habitats, as well as to grow the next generation of compassionate young people through JGI's youth program Roots & Shoots.

    This pouch features a zippered main compartment and is made with 100% recycled cotton.

    Pro Tip: Use this product to carry some of our other "Good For All" line, including our collapsible straw keychain and reusable utensil set to never leave home without these handy and environmentally conscious goodies.