From the moment a young British woman leapt from her small boat onto the shores of Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania, the world was never the same. Jane Goodall, a 26-year-old from Bournemouth, England with a passion for wildlife came face to face with fate when she began her groundbreaking study of wild chimpanzees in what is now Gombe Stream National Park. In July of 1960, her amazing discoveries of chimpanzee behavior became the roots of one of the most significant scientific field sites on the planet. This is where a woman redefined man and defined what it means to be human.

The discoveries in Gombe have shaped modern science and our culture – from human and other great ape evolution, to health and ecology – and there’s so much more to learn.

It’s time to begin your journey of discovery. Welcome to Gombe Science Heroes. How do I begin? Join the team. Choose your assignment:

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Become a Gombe Science Hero for the Veterinary Team
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    The Veterinary Team in Gombe are experts in their field, and conduct non-invasive monitoring and epidemiological studies to prevent disease and keep the precious chimpanzees of Gombe healthy and thriving. Their work has even bigger implications, with their findings providing insights which improve care for and protection of great apes across the globe, in the wild and in captivity. The Vet Team at Gombe has their finger on the pulse of some of the most important and innovative wildlife health...

    Become a Gombe Science Hero for the F & G Family Groups
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      The chimpanzees of Gombe are beloved household names. Thanks to Jane’s immersive style of research, audiences around the world are able to feel connected to these dynamic individuals and families. This approach of studying family dynamics and families over time birthed generations of data on their daily lives and comprehensive findings on their relationships and behaviors like no other existing study. Flo and Gremlin’s offspring are still studied to this day, revealing invaluable insights...

      Become a Gombe Science Hero for Field Assistants
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        Every day, the Jane Goodall Institute Field Assistants (stemming from those who worked directly with Dr. Goodall) go into the forests of Gombe to observe the unique existence of wild chimpanzees. These local Tanzanian scientists are the backbone of discovery in Gombe, maintaining continuous descriptions and data records of chimpanzee behavior, ecology, habits, health, relationships, culture and reproduction. This is difficult work, demanding very early mornings and late nights in dense forest...

        Two scientists and a large male chimpanzee in the forest
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          Scientists at Gombe have carried the torch of Dr. Jane Goodall’s original study of the “F” and “G” families along with other groundbreaking research for nearly 60 continuous years. Researchers continue to document daily behavior and other data as a part of what is called the ‘B-Record’ observational archive, and the information gathered has been and continues to be pivotal for great ape behavioral insights, anthropological and human health knowledge and advancements. This extraordinary data...

          There is no site on earth that has connected as many people to the natural world nor inspired more interest to protect and nurture all life on Earth than Gombe. As a part of The Jane Goodall Institute’s Gombe Science Heroes, you get to look behind the binoculars just like Jane and follow along with some of the most extensive and incredible research in the world. And with your support, you will help ensure that this essential research continues for generations to come.  

          By becoming a Gombe Science Hero, you will get exclusive insights including images, videos, writings, publications and more following the real-time and historic discoveries about wild chimpanzees, the Gombe ecosystem and other wildlife. You will also become an integral part of our research team, helping JGI maintain what is now the Guinness World Record’s longest running wild chimpanzee study. Your support also represents an important investment in a legacy of inspiring generations of women in science, and the future of an inclusive scientific landscape.